The Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) for my block seems to be taking longer than usual to complete. Is there a delay?

Posted on 09 Jul 2014 |

Most Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) projects are completed within two years from their starting date. This is a reasonable length of time, given the technical complexities in lift upgrading works and the challenge of carrying out such works in occupied blocks.

It actually takes about one year to install a new lift, and nine months to upgrade an existing lift. Works are planned sequentially so that the lift service is not adversely affected and residents are not inconvenienced too much:

  • The preparatory works before the start of actual LUP works involve diversion of underground services, such as existing electrical and telecom cables, to make way for the new lift shaft. Such diversion works could take a few months. In addition, as these underground activities are usually not obvious or visible to the public, it may appear that no progress is being made.

  • The new lifts are installed after the foundation works and the construction of new lift shafts have been completed. Rigorous testing for safety is done before the new lifts are commissioned for use.

  • Works to upgrade the existing lifts will start only after the new lifts are ready for use, so that residents will continue to have lift access to their flat.

Although this phased approach inevitably lengthens the construction period, it is necessary to ensure that residents' comfort, convenience, and safety are not compromised.

Occasionally, delays may arise when there are localised problems that require more time to be resolved. This could be the complex layout of the block, or its proximity to rail lines and high traffic neighbourhoods, or unforeseen design changes that crop up during the project period.

HDB aims to bring direct lift access to every floor in older HDB blocks, so as to benefit as many residents as possible, especially the elderly and people with disabilities. Wherever feasible, this has been done for eligible blocks. HDB is also firmly committed to completing all LUP projects on time. Residents will be kept informed of the progress of the LUP in their blocks through updates on the hoardings on-site, and via circulars sent to them.

Find out what goes on at the construction site of a typical LUP project from the infographic below.

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