What is HDB doing about unauthorised subletting?

    06 Sep 2012 |

HDB flats are meant primarily for owner occupation. At the same time, we recognise that certain flat owners may wish to sublet their flats temporarily. For instance, they may be working abroad for a period. Households who are thinking of subletting their flats entirely must obtain approval from HDB, before doing so. Unauthorised subletting is viewed as a serious offence.

Regular checks are conducted on flats that have been approved for subletting. This is to ensure that there is no overcrowding, and that subtenants do not further sublet the flat. On top of this, HDB also carries out spot checks and planned flat inspections to ensure the proper use and occupation of HDB flats.

If anyone is found to have breached the rules, HDB reserves the right to impose a financial penalty. Depending on the circumstances, there could also be more severe consequences. HDB can take compulsory acquisition action against errant owners.

You may have also heard of flat owners renting out rooms on a short-term basis, for a few days to a few months. This is considered a form of unauthorised subletting as the minimum subletting period for each subtenant must be at least six months long. HDB flats cannot be used for such transient accommodation. If you would like to highlight a case of unauthorised subletting, you can do so at our Toll-Free Hotline: 1800-5556370, from 8am to 5pm on Mondays to Fridays.